Elon Musk becomes world’s richest man with $209 Billion net worth

Elon Musk became world’s richest person on last Thursday when his net-worth reached at $188.5 billion.

Right now on 9-January-2021, his net worth is $209 Billion according to Bloomberg billionaire index.

His wealth is increased by $150 Billion this year. Tesla reached at the market value of $700 Billion on this Wednesday because of selling 180,570 cars to customers in a single year.

With that, his car company worth more than Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai, GM and Ford combined.

Year 2020 had been Financially very lucky for musk.

He was not that rich at the start of year . Even his company was about to go out-of-cash. But, because of selling so much cars Tesla’s share surged by 743% and got him the top position on wealth chart. Which was held by Jeff Bezos(the founder of Amazon.com) from 2017.

Jeff Bezos was successfully keeping his position for 3 years but, his divorce settlement didn’t let him to. He payed $35 Billion to his ex-wife MacKenzie for divorce settlement__which becomes the 4% stake of Amazon.

On the other hand. Regardless of Elon’s enormous success, he was very calm. “How Strange” he relplied to a tweet in his signature style “well, back to work…” he further added.

From X.com(Now as PayPal) to Tesla and SpaceX, we all are witness of his hard work. I think with this speed, if he succeeded in taking us to mars__ he will be the richest person EVER in the history of earth__ and of course of MARS too.

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