Elon Musk became world’s richest person on last Thursday when his net-worth reached at $188.5 billion.

Right now on 9-January-2021, his net worth is $209 Billion according to Bloomberg billionaire index.

His wealth is increased by $150 Billion this year. Tesla reached at the market value of $700 Billion on…

Profile picture is sometimes more important than we realize.

It can convey what we want to convey.

A good picture can show your best.

Here are some points that make your profile picture more fruitful.

1#Focus Point

Focus is when you put first sight on image, which element seeks your attention.


Quick and to the point

1# Headline and hook

headline and hook are even more important than the whole copy. It weights more than 90% importance. Because, if these two elements are okay. Only than you’ll proceed ahead.

2# Keep it concise and to the point

everyone is busy nowadays, we don’t have time to waste. we have a very little focus span.

So, be wise. Go to the point.

Tip# Present from the buyers side. Use “YOU” tone, instead of i and us.

3. Communicate

Don’t just inform them, also convince and communicate.

Communicate just like you talk to someone.

Copywriting is like one-two-one conversation in the written form.

With that said, don’t address the whole public. Imagine you are writing a letter to your friend. And have that tone throughout the copy.

All of these people are self-made millionaires themselves and now they are leading our youth…

  • *numbering in this list doesn't mean their capability. someone has to be at first and someone at third.**

1.Shahid Hussain Joiya

he is a #real_hero of Pakistan.

Allah bless this gentleman...

How Pakistani dramas are destroying the future of our young generation to keep us “poor”

Bollywood has impacted our beliefs to a great level.

Especially on the generation of early 90’s up to 2000 and 2010

The concepts of an angry young man and the fairy LOVE TALES are coming from there.

But when PEMRA took steps and blocked Indian content and most of us…

The last lecture you’ll ever need (as a student)


Psychology is a science, based on purely scientific principles.

Innumerable people think of psychologists as mad people who get mentally disabled while treating others which is obviously not true (according to professional psychologists).

that's why almost everyone tried (at least once) to stop me from taking education of psychlogy.


These are interconnected tips teaching you effective use of time and finances.

Disclaimer: These are philosophies of Azad Chaiwala from his own life experience__ stated as it is.


Azad Chaiwala is a UK-born Pakistani multi-millionaire Businessman. He is Basically from the Bhimber district of Mirpur Azad Kashmir. He is giving awareness to Pakistani youth about business and entrepreneurship.
The main motto of his life is to make us realize that skill is much more important than a worthless degree…

S#2 — L#1

“Depression (at its worst) can lead to suicide and suicide is the second leading cause of deaths in 15-to-29 years old.”_WHO

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

According to WHO, “Globally more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression.”

This blog is all about depression awareness.

I tried my best…

Meraj Abbasi

#Copywriter #Self_Help #Success Email: merajabbasi102@gmail.com

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